Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What do you mean Africa isn't a country?

I don't understand this business that this news could not be reported until after the election. This lady could have been elected VP yesterday, and didn't know Africa was a continent, or who was in NAFTA?! WHA..... And this is a Fox News report. Fox News!!! If they are willing to report this, is it possible there is some even dumber stuff they won't talk about? Crazy.

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Zachary said...

Wow. That is truly unbelievable.

After seeing that, this doesn't mean so much, but did you see her on SNL on Monday? You might have gone to bed before it, but she got like 3 laughs - not crowd laughs, but like 3 times where an individual person laughed - in an appearance that she clearly thought was supposed to be comical.