Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have tried to post this video in here three times, but apparently something along the line wants to be difficult. So just go here...
It is the full version of what went down, so even if you saw it on ESPN, this is better. But it may get removed at some point.
Anyways, there is a nice article titled "Sheffield Vows to Get Beat Up Again". The article isn't neccesary viewing, but I think that title is.

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Zachary said...

It is unbelievable that the FSN Detroit commentators act like Sheffield isn't a frequent instigator and an idiot. Just because his 'roid rage may have eased up a a bit when he stopped taking them, he is still the same racist jerk who has, among other things, been shot, hit a fan during a game, and been arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest and battery.

He learned first hand that latinos aren't as easy to control as he thought.

The fight went well, though. If only there were some better camera shots of the beginning...