Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good Stuff.

Dear Zachary,
If you are reading this, that is good, because it means your power has returned. I hope that Gustav did not cause you too many problems, and that your life will return to normal soon. If you still did not have power at night, that you missed this guy take care of business....
You also would have missed all the exciting facts and trivia regarding his accomplishment, so I will fill you in.
- First Indians 20 game winner since Gaylord Perry on Sept. 15, 1974.
- Perry pitched a 5 hit, complete game shutout. And so did Cliff Lee.
- Tonight was one year to the day, since Cliff Lee got called up from Buffalo. He has done a lot less of this, this year....
- After giving up hits to the first two batters of the game, he retired 21 straight.
- In 21 of his 27 starts, he has given up 2 runs or less, thus explaining his 2.32 ERA.
- Before tonight, the Indians had the longest drought of any team in the Majors without a 20 game winner (not counting Tampa Bay, Colorado and Florida, who have not had one yet.)
- Cleveland has the 2nd most 20 game winners in AL history.
- Lee is the first Indians pitcher to be the first Major Leaguer to 20 wins, since Bob Lemon in 1954.
- If Lee goes the rest of the year without losing a game, he will have the best winning percentage in a single season of any pitcher with a minimum of 20 decisions in the modern era of baseball (since 1900).
- His career record is now 74-38, a .661 winning percentage.

In my opinion, the 20 win things is great, but the fact that he is 20-2 is amazing. That includes the fact, that in four of his five no decisions, he has given up a total of four runs, including that start against Toronto when he gave up 0 runs in 9 innings. He could be 24-2 right now!

They talked to Mark Shapiro on the radio during the game, and he was surprisingly open about a wide range of topics, but he was asked if he was ever close to trading Lee. He said that they were never that close, but that the closest they got was for a certain someone who might win the MVP and was playing left field. He was obviously referring to this guy...
All he has done this year is hit .288 with 36 HR, 100 RBI and score 96 Runs. Anyways, I am glad he did not make the trade, though it would have worked out for both teams I guess, but it was interesting that Shapiro revealed what could have been.

The only other thing I was going to say, was the Cubs had a streak of 27 consecutive hits without an extra base hit. 27 straight singles, from Friday through today. I thought that was pretty wild.

Paul Byrd won his tenth game tonight.

That is all.

Congrats to the happy family....

P.S. Dad and I are going to the game today to see Fausto pitch, Victor catch for the first time since he came back, and all the youngsters who get called up tomorrow when the Indians roster expands.

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Is that his wife or daughter? She looks 13.