Monday, September 22, 2008

Record-Breaking Season...

Thanks to Josh Beckett hitting three Indians tonight, the Tribe are now one Hit Batter away from tying the Major League record of 100, currently held by the 1997 Astros. At 99, they have already blown by the former AL record of 92 set by the 1996 Blue Jays. Quite an accomplishment, with Ryan Garko leading the way with 15, still only good for third place in the AL, as Jason Giambi and Carlos Quentin lead the league with 20.

Also, the Indians have the second best record in the AL since July 10, and have gone 42-26 since trading CC "worthless" Sabathia. Should of done it sooner.

(Nice picture from tonight, though neither made the catch....)

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lclampitt said...

I was watching when Garko first got hit and the announcers were like "Oh yeah, we'll get this record for sure!" and I was like "How often does someone really get hit? You'd need like almost one a game at this point. Saint happenin'!"

And then Beckett plunks the next guy and so on and so on. Despite this season not fulfilling some expectations, Lee and this HBP thing are undeniable bright spots. Congrats.