Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pronk, OSU and OSU

After hitting a grand slam in game 3, Hafner went deep again tonight, this time a 3-run shot, to send Akron into the AA Finals, winning the series 3-1 over the Bowie BaySox. Matt Laporta also homered. Anyways, apparently some people don't appreciate this sort of thing, such as the Bowie manager... "This time of year, [short-season] Mahoning Valley is still playing," Komminsk added. "I know [Indians farm director] Ross [Atkins] said they want to put him at the highest level, but for me, the highest level is the big leagues. And for a team that's 10 games out and has no chance of winning, he could have done it just as easily there."

But at least he got to enjoy the party....

Hafner spent a half-hour in the trainer's room before joining his new teammates in celebration in the home clubhouse that was plastered in clear plastic as players sprayed champagne and beer at anything that moved.

"Hafner! Hafner! Hafner!" went the chant while the giddy Aeros shook the remaining bottles of bubbly over his head. When they ran out of the good stuff, they went to beer. And when that ran dry, someone brought chocolate milk out of the nearby refrigerator to ensure the party continued. (

Anyways, Hafner won't be around to help out in the Championship, as his rehab time expires tomorrow. So he will join the club, or just have to take cuts in the cage I guess. I would think he will join and see some action on a periodic basis.

Nick Swisher may soon have some company, as it looks like the Indians are strongly considering giving Anthony Reyes at least one start off, to rest his ailing elbow. The most likely candidate to get his start is that guy, Scott Lewis, 3rd round draft pick in 2004 out of The Ohio State University. He had Tommy John surgery at the end of his OSU time, but over the last two seasons has been pretty impressive, going "6-2 with a 2.33 ERA in 13 starts at Akron in the regular season and 2-2 with a 2.63 ERA in four starts at Buffalo." (castroturf)

So, I really thought, that OSU would not have a game like todays this year. At least not so soon. I really believed that they were going to take it one game at a time, and focus harder than ever on winning a national title, by winning every game along the way. Clearly I was wrong. But for the most part, rather than blame the whole team, I mostly blame the Offensive Line. In the end it doesn't matter, and who cares if we drop down to #5 or something. We are going cross country to face the #1 team, and I have to imagine after todays performance, the team will have their heads on straight, and if we do lose, we will do it by playing our best possible football, but hopefully that will be enough to win, and I feel pretty good that it will be.

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Zachary said...

Well, as the poll showed, at least one state agrees with you. I do agree that today's game will motivate OSU, rather than bother them, and the USC game will be the hardest they play all year.

At this point, I think OSU can win in Cali, but it won't be easy and I think the odds are against them. But I really do not think it will be an SEC vs. OSU-style blowout.

In other news, I like that UMiami confirmed Michigan's game plan from last bowl season that Tebow & company can be flustered by showing lots of different blitz packages. A bunch of true freshmen caused Florida fits and if Miami had a little more depth and experience, the game would have been close. It showed me that if the SEC is what they think they are, Florida ought to lose at least 2 conference games and not be in the National Championship (as Herbstreit predicts).

Finally, how did this blog not inform me that OSU got the #1 running back recruit in the country. And a steal from Florida, no less!